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We typically have between 12-15 horn students, a mix of performance and education majors, and some non-majors who hold their own against the others! We present a UA Horn Studio recital each semester, with each person (teacher included!) performing a movement of a solo piece, often followed by an ensemble piece involving all. There are two hours weekly of horn studio master class, where we cover topics of general concern and need, rehearse specific pieces for performance, read orchestral horn section parts, play large ensemble literature, perform solo for each other's comments and observations and try out students' arrangements and compositions. We also have horn sectional rehearsals, sometimes in class, and are starting up brass section readings of major symphonic repertoire.

Performance opportunities abound, with 3-4 group recitals per semester (any individual can play a short piece on a program shared by others, a full-length solo or shard recital, many chamber ensemble and the four major ensembles. The atmosphere in the horn studio is one of cooperative effort and constructive interaction. Ill feelings or actions towards others do not seem to be present, and would not be tolerated if they were. It is a nice group of hard-working hornists.

This year we have 17 students from a half-dozen states. They are split relatively equally among the five levels of study (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Grad). I insist that my students get along as a group, and that is no problem here since everyone seems very willing to help each other out and contribute to the overall welfare of the UAKHS.



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